5 Reasons To Find Your Wedding Dress at Harbor Bridal

5 Reasons To Find Your Wedding Dress at Harbor Bridal

It’s September, which means it’s prime time for wedding dress shopping. And with so many stores and dresses to choose from, we want to help you understand why you want to make Harbor Bridal one of the stops (if not the only stop) in your wedding gown search. 

1. We only take one bridal appointment at a time. 

At Harbor Bridal, it’s personal. Our bridal boutique is located in a small village on Long Island, and we wanted to incorporate that small town feel into our shop. We only have one dressing room and only take one bridal appointment at a time, so that while our brides are shopping for their wedding dresses, they have our full attention. There is no competing for mirror space or dress options. We give each of our brides an hour and a half for each appointment so there is no feeling of being rushed in and out of the store. We take the time to get to know you and your family and to learn what you are looking for. Our brides are not just a number or face passing through, but are women we develop relationships and friendships with. 

2. Our wedding dresses are made in America. 

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, we only carry one bridal designer in our shop (read more about Modern Trousseau here). Modern Trousseau gowns are designed and created with the finest fabrics and laces at the company headquarters right in Woodbridge, Connecticut. As a small, family-owned business, we take pride in working with another small business that gives individual attention to each and every one of their bridal gowns. An added benefit of Modern Trousseau: all of their gowns can be customized to fit your liking. Many of our brides take a gown we have in store and add personal touches to make it their own. 

3. We have unique sizing and alterations options for our wedding gowns.

As many of you know, bridal sizing is strange. All bridal gowns run 2-3 sizes smaller than normal clothing, and this can be a major source of frustration for brides, for many reasons. Firstly, no one is completely proportional. Some of us are a size 4 on the top and a size 8 on the bottom. While in normal clothes it’s easy to ignore this fact and make it work, with a bridal dress, the fit has to be absolutely perfect. While many designers offer something called “split sizing” where you can order a different size for the bodice and the skirt, there is a charge for this. At Harbor Bridal, we don’t order you a size. We take about 15 measurements, and your gown is made to those specific measurements at no extra charge. 

In addition to this, our brides have the option of having their alterations done at the Modern Trousseau headquarters in Connecticut. There, you get to meet and work with the person who made your dress to complete the process and create the most perfect fit possible for your wedding dress. All of our brides leave that experience happy, satisfied, and with memories that will last forever. 

4. We are a one-stop shop: we also carry bridesmaid dresses, bridal veils, and hair accessories.  

While our shop focuses on wedding gowns in our downstairs area, we also have a gorgeous selection of bridal veils and hairpieces to choose from. In addition, if you have a chance to peek at our upstairs area, we have an additional fitting room for bridesmaid appointments that can accommodate a slightly larger group than we can in our intimate space downstairs. See our Collections page to check out the designers we carry for veils, hairpieces, and bridesmaid dresses. 

5. Our brides love us! 

As we mentioned above, our brides leave feeling like friends. We are a small business, owned and operated by two sisters, and we take pride in being a part of each and every one of our bridal appointments. Your wedding is one of the most important times in your life, and we want this part of the experience to be perfect for you from start to finish. Because of this attention to customer service and the creation of a very intimate, personal environment, we’ve been lucky enough to have all of our brides walk out the door happy. But we won’t speak for them – we’ll let them speak for themselves. Take a peek at our 70+ 5-star reviews on the Knot or our 20+ 5-star reviews on Google.

We hope you learned something new about us here, and we hope that you will take the time to fill out the contact form or send us an email to make an appointment! We cannot wait to meet you!


Leigh & Tori 


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